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Marketing Networks

Alma-Ata Office in Kazakhstan
Alma-Ata Filial locates at 16a, Avenue Казыбек, Alma-Ata City, Kazakhstan and the administrative area takes up 300 m2, which follows the principle of innovation and ‘bigger & stronger’, three medium training courses are taken per week, and a bigger one will be held at the end of every month. In this way, HUA SHEN develops the brand presentation, achieve the multiplication effect and enhance the networks development. And the Alma-Ata Office offers the service of best quality: positively unbridling for staff of the area the puzzles, including the chartered distributors and businessmen, and maintaining their proceeding with confidence.
The Office owns more than 10 storages with considerable scale and performance, and there are over 20 businessmen have achieved director rank. The marketing networks spread all over Kazakhstan and the neighboring countries, and the networks are running smoothly. The products are accepted and praised by most businessmen. Meanwhile, the businessmen offer the Office some information feedbacks which will do well for development and some of which are about product updating.
With perfect leadership of the Office Manager, all staff takes positive cooperation, initiative and persistent innovation, and they over-fulfilled every monthly quota, trying their hardest to break new ground.
Astana Filial of Kazakhstan
The Astana filial of Kazakhstan was founded in July of 2006, and it lies in Ave. Абай, centre of the capital city, the neibourhood of Ave. Республика, the most flourishing one in Astana. The filial owns an administration area that takes up 240 m2, and a training hall which can accommodate over 100 people, with convenient traffic and commodious, comfortable office environment. The filial follows the principle of up-and-coming deploitation & innovation, hold the purpose of expanding the markets, good performance, broadening sources of income and reducing expenditure and achieving benefit maximization, takes offering persistent better service as working core-spirit, and provide tens of thousands of families with HUA SHEN healthcare products.
After development for a year, the Filial holds 3 primary directors and 7 directors. And the networks spread all over the Northern part of Kazakhstan with good development trend and infinite potential. The Filial and the local Network Council hold close contact and positive cooperation with each other to manage and maintain the local markets. The Filial has made up an effective training system, a medium training meet per week, over 4 distributors will take a training tour per month to neighboring cities which is planned by the Network Council at the end of every month. And Astana Filial and Alma-Ata Office will get together to hold a large-scale circuit training tour and an expectant Anniversary Celebration every year.
The keystone of current job is taking Astana for the centre, and activating the nothern markets of Kazakhstan with up-and-coming spirit and passionate attitude. Put the working barycenter on improving the training system, and spare no efforts to make trainings vivid and dramatic, in which way the network development and furthermore, all the markets in North Kazakh will march on. Also, the market management should be intensified, and positively bring up more excellent distributors and businessmen, and improve the management and vocational level of current team.
Client-oriented service, devotion, high-efficiency, passion and positive coorperation are the requiements to follow, which help complete every task perfectly before the deadline; and everyone from the filial should be provided with pioneering spirits and the courage to carry on innovation which help develop the markets.


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